Luck Strikes Twice at Dallas Card Shop

Two collectors. Three cases of 09 Topps Tribute. One lucky day.

2009 Topps Tribute is centered around some greats of the game, but finding an autographed cut signature of a deceased Hall of Famer is still a longshot.

Card shops that sell a box containing one have cause to throw a party.

But what about two?

In the same day?

Earlier this month, Nick’s Sports Cards in Dallas saw lightning strike twice when two collectors pulled two of the 1-1 autos from the series within minutes of each other.

Brian Leftin could have figured he had no shot at a big pull when he saw friend Evan Bennett find a Jackie Robinson autograph from a box.

Undeterred, he bought one, two and then a third box that created more than a little excitement.

Even the Dallas Morning News stopped by to do a story and a video.

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