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Luck Strikes Twice at Dallas Card Shop

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Two collectors. Three cases of 09 Topps Tribute. One lucky day.

2009 Topps Tribute is centered around some greats of the game, but finding an autographed cut signature of a deceased Hall of Famer is still a longshot.

Card shops that sell a box containing one have cause to throw a party.

But what about two?

In the same day?

Earlier this month, Nick’s Sports Cards in Dallas saw lightning strike twice when two collectors pulled two of the 1-1 autos from the series within minutes of each other.

Brian Leftin could have figured he had no shot at a big pull when he saw friend Evan Bennett find a Jackie Robinson autograph from a box.

Undeterred, he bought one, two and then a third box that created more than a little excitement.

Even the Dallas Morning News stopped by to do a story and a video.

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