Love for Hockey Spurs 70+ Years of Collecting

He reached out for a hockey card in the 1930s because it was the only way to know what the players really looked like.

Long before the days of Hockey Night in Canada, Gretzky and Crosby, Gerry Downs was a kid, sneaking out of bed to listen to games on the radio.

Quaker Oats Syl AppsHis love affair with the game continues today.  He’s also a life-long collector.

Downs’ first card was one his mom sent away for–a 1935 Quaker Oats Syl Apps.  He still has it–along with hundreds of photos, pucks and just about anything elese you can think of.

He’s sold off some things–and given others away–but his basement is still his hockey man cave.

He talked with the Ottawa Sun about his collection and an autograph show encounter with one player he’d just as soon forget.