Long Time Sports Card Shop Closing

Bob Brill, a long-time store owner and writer, is closing KC Kings, his Ventura, CA store at the end of the month. Traffic has fallen so much that some days went by where no one bought anything.

It’s not an easy way to make a buck.

Selling sports cards and sports memorabilia is fun if you’re…well…making sales. If the well dries up, it’s just another business. The last several years have been rough. Some shops have made it. Others haven’t. It’s not a dying hobby, but the pie is smaller than it once was, especially in today’s economy where disposable income has shrunk along with the size of your 401(k) plan.

Even hobby shops that tried to adapt to the interests of young people by carrying non-sports and gaming cards haven’t always been able to make a go of it during the past few years.

Unfortunately, one of southern California’s stores is one of those shutting down.

Owner Bob Brill, a recognizable name among long-time collectors and industry pros, told the Ventura County Star he’s closing at the end of the month.