Logan Morrison’s Signed Cast on eBay

He’s in a walking boot now, but for awhile, Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins had a cast on his injured left foot.  A strained arch has kept him on the bench.  Now, it’s a signed cast–autographed by 23 team members and up for bid on eBay.  Morrison won’t see a dime of the money…and it’s not a joke.  The proceeds will benefit the American Lung Association.

Signed Logan Morrison castMorrison, who lost his father Tom to lung cancer last December,  is currently the spokesman for the charity.

He knows the sports card and memorabilia industry well, having spent part of his college off time working at a local shop.

He was batting .327 with four homers, five doubles and 11 RBIs before he injured his foot during an at-bat against the Pirates last Tuesday.

The 23-year-old left fielder is currently on the disabled list w and isn’t expected back until sometime in early to mid-May.

“There are also hurdles I have to get over,” Morrison told Marlins.com. “The doctor said, ‘Go as far as the pain will let you go. If it hurts, shut it down.'”

Morrison jokingly drew pinstripes on the cast and made it look like an extension of his Marlins’ uniform.

“I was thinking about painting [the cast] black, maybe some spikes, to see if Edwin (Rogriguez) will let me play. I guess it didn’t work.”

Click here to see the cast and check out the bidding.