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Living Baseball Cards Marry DVD to Tradition

Some Michigan baseball fans and entrepreneurs have formed a new company they hope will be a big hit when it launches later this year.

Blue Cap Promotions and Story Telling Pictures have created what they call the Living Baseball Card.  It’s a DVD packaged in the form of an oversized baseball card complete with stats on the back.  On the video is a well-crafted interview with a former player.  Small enough to be collected like traditional cards, the Living Baseball Cards include well-known players and those who might only be familiar to true die-hards.

Jim Rice, Phil Niekro, Bill Lee and Andre Dawson will lead off the initial offering with more players expected to jump on board.  The price for each is $9.99 but the company will be offering a number of special promotions for those who contribute to a fundraising campaign to boost the business.

The cards will be offered online beginning later this month but the group would like to get the cards/DVDs into minor league ballparks by next spring.  You can read more about the project in the Grand Rapids Business Journal and watch a brief story from WZZM-TV below.

At the bottom is a clip from Phil Niekro’s interview for the Living Baseball Card.  You can visit the company’s website here.


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