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Lifelong Collection Started with Bob Pettit Jersey

A San Diego area man has a phenomenal sports collection …but that’s only part of the story.

Jeff Figler’s father had a store for big-and-tall men’s clothing in St. Louis. That was a good way for a kid to meet NBA players. One of his father’s customers was NBA star Bob Pettit. The family ended up with an autographed Pettit All-Star game jersey and thus was born a collector.

Nearly 50 years later, Figler’s collection has grown so much it’s become a tourist attraction, even though it’s not really open to the public…yet.

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Rich is the editor and founder of Sports Collectors Daily. A broadcaster and writer for more than 30 years and a collector for even longer than that, he's usually typing something somewhere. Type him back at [email protected].

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