Letters to Stan the Man: Secretary Kept Fans Happy

Pat Anthony helps Stan Musial with his fan mail…just as she’s done for over 45 years.

His autograph isn’t free anymore. Considering the number of requests he gets–and has gotten over the course of 60 years–you can’t blame Stan Musial.

Stan the Man has been a business for awhile, but when it comes to keeping fans happy, the Cardinals’ great has few peers. He signed thousands for free back before autographs had much monetary value. During his playing days, though, the mail came by the basket. Some fans wanted autographs. Other letters came from kids who asked questions. Since the early 60s, Pat Anthony has been in charge of trying to answer them the best she can. Before that, her sister Shirley held the job.

Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post Dispatch says Stan the Man’s secretaries got their start by babysitting for the Musials.