Less Pain; More Gain: New Tool Expanding Sellers’ Reach

NAXCOM’s new selling tool is aimed at helping dealers save time but sell more cards.

The internet has made it easier for those who sell sports cards and memorabilia to reach beyond a card show and find customers across the globe. The flip side is that selling quantities of cards is now more complicated than simply packing up the van and setting out some monster boxes and display cases.

There are customers who prefer eBay. NAXCOM has grown substantially since its launch. Amazon.com offers another opportunity. Casual sports fans and collectors may buy only when they run across a listing through Google’s shopping sites. Dealers who seek out customers in several venues can spend hours–if not days–setting up and launching their own stores at each site. Now, NAXCOM is attempting to simplify the process.

Last month, the Los Angeles-based company launched MultiMarketLister.com, a portal allowing online dealers to sell and manage the items they list in multiple places through one central account Once an item sells on any one marketplace the Lister’s synchronization tool automatically deletes the listing off all the other sites as well.

The tool has been launched with NAXCOM, eBay storefronts and Google. The company expects to add Yahoo, Amazon, ThePit and others in the near future.

"We know how difficult it is for sellers to manage inventory," NAXCOM CEO Eric Beckerman told SportsCollectorsDaily.com. "If you’re selling one item across four different sites, it’s a pain to go in and delete it from the other three each time."

"You have to be kind of an octopus sometimes, trying to save time but increase sales by using different outlets," said Vice President of Marketing Bill Elder. "We thought ‘what if we could bring it all together in one place?’. We took the Multi Market Lister concept to some of the dealers and they were all ears."

Sellers currently pay their normal fees through the sites they utilize plus a 1.95% fee for utilizing MultiMarketLister. Google listings are typically free, with the online ad clicking back to the seller’s NAXCOM account. Beckerman says set-up time to create a Multi Market Lister account is usually less than 5 minutes. "The savings in labor costs and time alone more than make up for the fee to use the tool," he said.

The idea has been in the works for two years. Since launch on June 18, 150 users have signed up, adding over 21,000 listings and resulting in over 2500 sales.

"It’s been fun to watch because we wondered how many sales there might be in the first few weeks and where those sales might be," Beckerman said. "So far it’s been about a 60-40 split between sales on eBay and NAXCOM and we’ve seen about a 30-40% increase in business already."

Memory Lane, Inc., Rookies HQ, Ogden Sports Cards, California Sportscards, A to Z Sportscards and McAvoy Sportcards are among the dealers currently utilizing the site.