LeBron’s Opening Night Jersey Brings $20,120

A game-worn jersey donned by LeBron James during the Miami Heat’s NBA opening night win this year sold for $20,120 at auction Thursday night.

The jersey was worn by the reigning MVP on the night of October 30 when the Heat raised the league’s championship banner.  He scored 26 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in Miami’s 120-107 win over the Boston Celtics.

The sales come five months after two jerseys worn by James in last season’s championship series sold for more than $30,000 each.

MeiGray, in partnership with the NBA, conducted the ‘NBA Tip Off’ auction.  Two more sales of opening night jerseys are planned, one closing next Thursday that includes jerseys worn by the Celtics, Lakers, Mavericks, Bobcats, Warriors and Timberwolves and another closing December 20.

Among the other jerseys sold Thursday night were those worn by Dwyane Wade ($5,143), Russell Westbrook ($4,380), Kevin Durant ($4,270) and Kyrie Irving ($4,020).

The jersey Irving wore in his rookie season debut sold via MeiGray for more than $12,000 in April of last year.