Leaf Drops Case Against Andrew Luck

Leaf Trading Cards and Andrew Luck have settled their differences.  A dispute reared up just prior to the NFL Draft when Luck’s agents got wind of the trading card company’s use of a photo of Luck in his high school days inside its packs.  Luck’s people felt Leaf didn’t have the right to use it.

Leaf disagreed, and filed a declaratory judgment request that didn’t do the Colts’ new quarterback any favors on the PR front.  Leaf was essentially asking the court to reaffirm that it could do whatever it wanted with the in action photo from a game that was extensively covered by numerous photographers.

In the weeks that have followed, the two sides apparently decided there wasn’t much there worth the court costs and as first reported by Paul Lesko of Cardboard Connection, Leaf asked a Dallas County, Texas district court to dismiss the action, saying “the dispute between the plaintiff and defendant has been settled”.

Since the judge granted the request, there isn’t much more information available and the case is closed.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Basketball Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were involved in similar ‘right of publicity’ cases recently, but those were also settled—Aldrin with Topps and Abdul-Jabbar with Upper Deck.


  1. […] It could prove to be an interesting battle. Leaf ruffled the feathers of Andrew Luck’s agents when they included a high school All-American game photo in boxes of its 2012 draft pick products.  Leaf claimed there were no licensing issues with the card and filed a declaratory judgment. The issue quietly went away last June. […]