1912 World Series Trophy Just Part of Lawsuit

They once shared a love of old baseball memorabilia; two couples close enough to spend holidays at each others’ homes.

Now, one couple is suing another in a case that involves big debt, fake memorabilia collateral and the aborted auction of a rare piece of baseball history.

New Jersey r1912 Red Sox trophyesidents Robert and Lisa Fraser have filed suit against long-time collector Peter Nash, his wife and their attorney, claiming they were threatened over the scheduled auction of a 1912 Boston Red Sox World Series trophy by Guernsey’s  in 2008.   They say the trophy belonged to them and the sale was canceled when Nash incorrectly claimed part ownership and the Red Sox then bailed out of what was to be a high profile event netting big money.

But there is a lot more history to the story.

Among other things, the couple claims Nash made bodily threats and refused to pay back personal loans that had been secured with collectibles the Frasers say they later discovered were not genuine.

Nash, who has written extensively about missing, fake and stolen items in his own hobby blog, is now the defendant in this lengthy lawsuit filed recently in New Jersey Superior Court: