Last Minute Gifts for Sports Fans

Yes, you can still order a sports memorabilia related gift and have it delivered by Christmas without spending $25-30 for overnight shipping.

The inventories of some companies are enormous and they’ve got some very good deals going right now. Who’s hot? Manny Ramirez, surprisingly, is selling well. And, of course there is plenty of Yankees memorabilia on that list including Alex Rodriguez autographs, Derek Jeter autographs and others. If there’s someone in New York NOT getting something Yankees for Christmas this year, it’ll be newsworthy.

Upper Deck’s store has some holiday deals  with up to 80% off.

Of course, has a very sophisticated shipping mechanism that should deliver what you need. They’re rapidly becoming a major retailer of sports cards and memorabilia in addition to offering some exceptional deals on everything from books to iPhones. They’ve also got tons of supplies for collectors, which are always a welcome gift…even to yourself. You can also find all of the latest price guides.

If you ask nicely, a lot of other sports memorabilia companies big and small will make an effort to get those shipments to you in time for the holidays. This is the biggest month of the year for many of them and they’re ready to do all they can to earn your business and start 2010 in the black.