Kuhn Goes From Small School to Super Bowl Champ

He attended a small high school.  Went to a small college.  Got cut from the practice squad of his home state team.  Not exactly the type of background you’d expect in a sports card show autograph guest.

But John Kuhn doesn’t let anything get in his way.  All it takes to learn that is to watch a Green Bay Packers game.

Finding a home in Packerland, Kuhn has become a fan favorite–and a Super Bowl winning fullback.

Over the weekend, he was back in his hometown of Dover, seeing some old friends and signing autographs for some local kids who can’t believe he went to the same school they do.

While many in Pennsylvania may have been rooting for the Steelers, Kuhn had a legion of fans lined up to snare an autograph from one of the NFL’s up and coming young players according to this story in the York Daily Record.