Kohler’s Lakers Collection is Championship Quality

He didn’t get the Wilt Chamberlain poster, but David Kohler has more than made up for it.

You don’t get to be a sports memorabilia business owner without being a collector first.

SCP Auctions president David Kohler buys and sells all kinds of historic pieces but it all started with his allegiance to his hometown NBA team. He’s built a Laker collection that no museum can match. It’s displayed throughout his southern California home. With the team headed for the NBA Finals against their arch-rivals on Thursday, what better place could there be to watch the action?

Kohler’s collection has gotten to be so highly regarded many of the Lakers players , former players and team officials hand items over to him. "I wish we had a public place to display it," Kohler said. "I could add so many more things that have been put away because there’s just no room."

You know that’s the case when even the bathroom has stuff to see.

Game worn jerseys and shoes, trophies, basketball cards–even a pair of George Mikan’s old spectacles–Kohler’s shrine to the Lakers was chronicled by the L.A. Daily News.

They’ve also posted pictures–and a link to a story from a local TV station inside a blog.