Kid-Napped! Crosby Signed Photo Pilfered

The man who came into Tim Horton’s was not at all interested in a steaming hot cup of Canada’s finest coffee.

Even in the summer, when pucks and nets are safely packed away, fans go crazy for Sidney Crosby.

The star of the NHL Stanley Cup champions is proudly displayed in many home and business throughout Pittsburgh–and also in his native Canada. Sid the Kid could be the greatest export since Wayne Gretzky and it turns out fans’ devotion has no bounds, even hundreds of miles from his hometown.

A southern Alberta coffee shop is missing its framed, signed Crosby photo after a daring theft this week.

The collector’s item that once sat proudly on the wall at the popular Tim Horton’s was yanked off its moorings by a man who fled on foot. Read all about it courtesy of the CBC.