Ken Griffey Jr. Fan Loses Entire Collection in Burglary

A Ken Griffey Jr. collector from Kansas went from having more than 500 cards of his favorite player to none after burglars made off with his collection.

Christopher Fevurly of Wichita came back from a trip to see Kansas State play in the Fiesta Bowl to find someone had used his young daughter’s high chair to smash a window and steal not only the cards, but two TVs, a computer monitor and other items.

Fevurly started collecting Griffey during his rookie year in 1989 and while only a few a worth much these days, it was a labor of love with tremendous sentimental value.  He was hoping to pass them on to his six-year-old son eventually.

While he’s thankful he didn’t meet the crook–who could have been desperate enough to hurt him–he’s upset about the break-in.

Wichita has been hit by memorabilia thieves before.  In 2009, one man orchestrated a big heist from a local sports bar but he was eventually caught.

The most recent case led one of the nightly newscasts in Wichita this week.  Watch the story below.


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