Kansas Sports Memorabilia Shops Shut by State

The Kansas Department of Revenue has seized two sports memorabilia stores for nonpayment of sales tax.

According to newspaper and television reports, Moments in Sports, located in the West Ridge Mall in Topeka was closed Monday morning after a visit from state agents the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Alcohol Beverage Control. That store and one in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park are owned by Brian J. Taylor.

Moments in Sports is a small chain of sports memorabilia shops, operating in the Midwest. Its website is “under construction” but lists five other locations, two in the Chicago area, two in Milwaukee suburbs and another in Independence, MO.

Kansas says Taylor owes a total of $78,121 to the state including $76,609 in delinquent sales tax. The unpaid taxes date back to August of 2007.

Kansas has been cracking down on businesses that are behind on tax payments, shutting down two other Topeka area businesses in the last week.

The Department of Revenue says that closure of a business is a “last resort” after multiple phone calls and mailings have failed to produce results.