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Kaepernick Keeps Quarterback Card Market Humming

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Suddenly 2011 football card boxes are hot again.  While the rookie card focus shifted to this season’s unprecedented class, last year’s first years kind of faded from view—until a fresh face came along to heat things up.  Now, with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin and Russell Wilson on the sidelines, Colin Kaepernick football cards have become smoking hot.  A recent check of eBay shows virtually every moderately priced Kaepernick rookie card is selling.

Despite not being a first round pick, over 1,000 different Kaepernick cards  have been issued since the summer of 2011, according to Beckett.  There are 34 Kaepernick rookie cards, 549 memorabilia cards, 476 autographed cards and 884 that carry a serial number.

Colin Kaepernick Topps SuperfractorWhen he took over the starting quarterback spot from 2005 NFL number one pick Alex Smith, Kaepernick drew interest but it wasn’t until his head-turning performance in last Saturday night’s NFC Divisional Playoff game against  Green Bay that prices started to soar.  Kaepernick , who told Panini last year that he collected cards as a kid, set a record for most rushing yards by a quarterback, scored two touchdowns and threw for two to put the Packers’ promising season on ice.  He’s been the most talked about player on talk radio this week and a very popular topic in hobby shops and online forums.

Regular issue Kaepernick rookie cards, languishing in the 50-cent box with few takers last season, now sell for $3-5.  The Topps X-Fractor brings $20-25.  Mid-level autographed cards are bringing $150 and up including the numbered to 25 2011 Prime Auto Relic.

The most valuable Kaepernick rookie cards  are the autographed cards that were limited to just a few copies.  A 2011 Topps Chrome Black Refractor Auto is sitting at $999 with two days left in the auction.Colin Kaepernick National Treasures

Sales have included a 2011 National Treasures Auto Rookie Patch, numbered to 5 at $2,999.  His Topps Five Star Auto Patch cards are also pricey.

He’s singlehandedly lifted the once quiet market for 2011 football boxes back onto center stage and if he can earn the 49ers a spot in the Super Bowl, expect prices on boxes and individual Kaepernick football cards to go up again. Here’s a look at the most watched Kaepernick rookie cards on eBay now:

11 bids - Price: $132.49 - Watchers: 19
Item # 391185134550
2011 National Treasures Colin Kaepernick Rookie Patch Auto #/99! BGS 9.5/10 Wow
9 bids - Price: $109.74 - Watchers: 16
Item # 261953181749
NFL Football Card Lot Auto, Rookie Jersey - JAMEIS WINSTON Rc $98 BV Brett Favre
2 bids - Price: $1.04 - Watchers: 10
Item # 361331256071
2011 Panini Threads Colin Kaepernick RPA RC Patch AUTO 1/15 49ers
12 bids - Price: $22.74 - Watchers: 9
Item # 381317292832
2011 SP Authentic Colin Kaepernick RC Patch 49ers BGS 9.5 w/ 10 AUTO
9 bids - Price: $45.00 - Watchers: 8
Item # 361329836118
2011 SP Authentic Colin Kaepernick RC Patch RPA BGS 9.5 w/ 10 AUTO
8 bids - Price: $57.00 - Watchers: 8
Item # 361329836920
2011 Gold Standard Colin Kaepernick #262 RC 3 Color Patch Auto RC #/525
6 bids - Price: $21.50 - Watchers: 8
Item # 391188036594
2011 Panini Gold Standard Colin Kaepernick 3 Color Patch Rookie Auto /525 Mint
4 bids - Price: $15.50 - Watchers: 8
Item # 311395046715
2011 SP Authentic #233 Colin Kaepernick RPA RC Patch AUTO 659/699 BGS 9 w/ 9.5
12 bids - Price: $38.00 - Watchers: 6
Item # 381312424144
7 bids - Price: $13.81 - Watchers: 4
Item # 201380424493
2011 Colin Kaepernick Topps Chrome Purple Refractor /299 Rookie BGS 8.5 Rc 49ers
3 bids - Price: $3.82 - Watchers: 4
Item # 131546098314
Colin Kaepernick 2014 Rookies & Stars Autograph Jersey (05/20)
5 bids - Price: $6.50 - Watchers: 4
Item # 191618900536


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