Judge Orders Halt to Sale of Reggie Jackson Ring, Watch

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered American Memorabilia to stop the auction of two items Reggie Jackson claims are rightfully his.  Just over 24 hours before a 1977 World Series ring and commemorative watch were to be sold by the Las Vegas-based company, U.S. District Court Judge Kent Dawson ruled the auction should be halted.

Jackson sued American, his 77-year-old stepmother and other family members this week, saying the items were given to his late father and were supposed to remain in the family as heirlooms of his Hall of Fame career.

The value of the items is in some question because according to the Las Vegas Sun, Jackson claims the ’77 World Series ring being offered is one of two copies he had made while the auction house and Wayne Lawsin, Jackson’s nephew, say it’s the actual ring presented to Jackson following his historic performance that propelled the Yankees to victory.

The watch is one Jackson was given in honor of his 400th career home run.

The family claims the items were gifts from Jackson and they have the legal right to sell them, with the money targeted for medical bills Jackson’s stepmother continues to pile up because of various health issues.  They even made a videotape about the ring and watch:

Judge Dawson’s ruling forced the auction company to place the two pieces into a bank safe deposit box while the two sides are given two weeks to try to resolve the ownership dispute.

It’s an interesting case.  We’ve got the court papers here and you get reaction from both sides in the Sun’s story.