Josh Hamilton All-Star Auction Raises Funds

For awhile, the only money Josh Hamilton wanted to raise was to fuel a nasty drug habit. Baseball’s greatest comeback continued this week with some of his All-Star memorabilia fetching big bucks for charity.

Josh Hamilton was once considered a bust.

Tons of talent. A natural.

A drug addict.

After getting his life straightened out, Hamilton has done a 180-degree turn. He’s one of baseball’s best players, but most importantly, he’s clean. His faith and family have kept him on track and now he’s spending his first off-season as a true superstar helping others.

"It’s hard to believe, to know where I was and where I am now," Hamilton said

He’s appeared at the White House to talk about drug abuse. He speaks to anyone who will listen that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And he and his wife are also committed to social causes, like the one that benefitted from a big auction this week.

Part of the fundraiser was an auction that raised over $30,000 for a project overseas. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Hamilton parted with some All-Star game used apparel and equipment that drew plenty of interest.