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Jordan Fan’s Collection Multiplies Through the Years

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Denver resident Jon Hill was a middle school student when he first started his Michael Jordan collection.

Jordan was still playing then.Jordan jerseys

Hill is now 30 and MJ is retired but this physical education teacher is still building his stash of Jordan memorabilia.

The whole thing started with a couple of basketball cards but it quickly grew into something more.  If it has Jordan on it, Hill is buying it.

He's even got a little piece of MJ on him all the time.

KUSA-TV's Susie Wargin paid him a visit.


  1. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever! Amazing how he changed the game and continues to have a huge impact on the NBA..interesting fact is that “air jordans” still make up 80% of the sales of NBA shoes. Kobe, LeBron, Durant combined make up less than 18%.

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