VIDEO: John Stockton Talks Autographs, Collecting…and His New Book

Basketball Hall of Famer John Stockton was never an easy autograph to get for adult collectors.  Suspicious of the intentions of many who chased John Stockton bookhim, especially later in his career and generally a private person, Stockton’s autograph is easier to get now if you’re willing to buy his new book, Assisted: An Autobiography.   He’s appeared at several signings in Utah and his native area of Spokane, WA on his book tour.

Stockton is the NBA’s all-time leader in assists and steals.  He played his entire career with the Utah Jazz.

Recently Stockton dropped by ESPN’s studios where he chatted with Toni Collins about a variety of subjects including autograph seekers who, thanks to social media, know where he is every day.

He also talked about his lack of interest in collecting much of anything for himself and being asked for an autograph when he was…well…taking care of some business.

The 51-year-old Stockton, who retired in 2003, says he’s writing the book as a sort of memoir for his six grown children.

You can preview the book here. Watch his interview below.