Jerk Jailed: Jordan Autographs Part of Scam

Michael Deppe thought it would be easy to sell expensive items over the internet he didn’t actually have and pocket the cash. He was right. But eventually the law caught up to him. He’ll have 6 1/2 years to think about what internet fraud means.

Michael Deppe was an 18 year-old kid when it started. Selling items on eBay was a profitable business, especially when he was selling things he never had to deliver.

Joseph Kavanagh, who paid Deppe $6,000 for Michael Jordan autographs that turned out to be fake.

"The damage to my faith in the goodness of people and Internet business in general will never be repaired," the south Florida resident wrote by e-mail. One consolation for Kavanagh and the other victims? Deppe was caught and the amount of money he swindled from unsuspecting buyers was staggering enough for the judge to toss the book at him.

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