Jack and Harry Together Again

Chicago Cubs’ broadcaster Pat Hughes has put together two CDs chronicling the lives and careers of Harry Caray and Jack Buck.

They are two of baseball’s most distinctive voices. Both no longer with us, but very much alive in the memories of baseball fans who heard their broadcasts for generations.

Harry Caray and Jack Buck brought the game to life for millions of Midwestern baseball fans…and others fortunate enough to hear them during their long careers.

Current Cubs’ broadcaster Pat Huges had such a respect for their craft and affection for both men, he created two CDs with audio highlights and other features. Hughes’ project is something he felt fans would appreciate as much as he enjoyed the two Hall of Fame announcers.

"These CDs include many of my favorite things: Baseball, Broadcasting, History, Highlights, Humor, Storytelling, Vocabulary and Music. While each CD required an enormous amount of work, it was truly a labor of love."