It’s Wall to Wall Vikings in This Guy’s House

Forest City, MN is a tiny little burg but it’s home to one of the biggest collections of signed Minnesota Vikings memorabilia you’ll find.  Doug Arispe has been collecting since the 1990’s, long enough to track down autographs from a large number of the players who’ve donned the purple and white over the years.

Arispe isn’t one of those guys who is content to sit back and buy online, though.  He’s not afraid to buy jerseys, footballs, football cards, photos and other items and go chase down autographs to put on them.

He’s a regular at training camp, at team functions and anywhere else he thinks he might be able to snare something to add to the collection.

Part of his house in this central Minnesota community is literally wall-to-wall Vikings autographed photos.  His house is so decorated in purple you’d swear Barney lives there.

He’s still waiting for that elusive Super Bowl championship, though. offered up this feature on the 46-year-old fan.