It’s Official: Panini Buys Donruss

Donruss has been sold to fast-moving Panini.

The Panini Group, based in Italy, has just supplemented its new North American venture with the purchase of the sports trading card business of Donruss Playoff, L.P.

The move had been speculated for weeks.

Donruss, from their Arlington Texas headquarters, currently produces trading cards under the brand names of Donruss, Playoff, Leaf and Score. Donruss is currently publishing officially licensed products for the NFL.

Following the NBA’s announcement at the end of January that Panini had been appointed their exclusive trading card publisher, Panini announced the formation of their new US subsidiary; Panini America, Inc.

Panini will now have its operational base in Texas and will start publishing its NFL programs in May. The NBA publishing program will follow, starting in October giving Panini a substantial base from which to grow its operation.

The Panini Group CEO commented; “Panini’s vision of the future is simply to grow the North American trading card market considerably, this determination is demonstrated clearly by the acquisition of the Donruss sports card business. There is considerable talent within the 50 plus strong Donruss team and a fine legacy from which we can grow the product category and attract new collectors. Our priority now is to integrate the team, supplement it where necessary with the extra help required to manage the enlarged business and complete the work already started on the development of our enlarged publishing program."