Into the West

First of all, I'd like to thank "Karen" at Delta Airlines for confirming my reservation for the trip to Anaheim this week.  Somehow I don't think that's her real name since just about anyone who answers the phone at Delta or America On Line is probably more likely to be sitting at a work station in New Delhi rather than New York.  They use those American-sounding names to try and gain our trust I guess.  You try to be polite because they're just trying to make a living but it's sad such big companies can't do a better job of keeping the jobs here.  

End of rant.

I'm really looking forward to the National.  Even though many of us now buy the majority of our cards on-line, you still can't beat looking at the stuff in person and lugging it all home.  Those who think this hobby is dying need to stop by a major show.  It won't be like the old days for a lot of reasons but keep in mind that even if 40,000 people come to Anaheim, the number of collectors who aren't there is many, many times greater. 

I was at the '91 National when the hobby was it's hottest.  Those goofy promo cards were selling like hotcakes and the lines outside the place went snaking around the building.  You actually had to wait in a long line to get in.  

We'll be buying baseball cards, but this trip is more of a working vacation. We want to meet as many people as we can, introduce them to and hopefully bring you some good stories to read from Thursday forward.  We don't have a table (what would we sell?), but we'll be on the floor doing interviews and grabbing whatever fresh knowledge we can. Hope to see you there.