Internet Allows “Who’d Ya Get?” to Be Shared Experience

The quality isn’t usually Hollywood ready, but opening boxes of sports cards on video is its own little universe.

You could watch people open boxes and packs of sports cards all day and all night if you really wanted to.

But you have a life.

Still, modern technology has allowed collectors to vicariously share in the always-popular experience of opening fresh boxes to see what’s inside.

It’s become one way to scout products for potential purchase. Does the box match the hype? If so, those products sometimes take off in popularity. If not, they can die a quick death on store shelves. Even lower priced boxes have potential, though, and it’s why some choose to shoot video and put it online–just in case.

Some take time to put a little production value into their work and others don’t, but it’s become enough of a phenomenon that the New York Times offered readers a primer over the weekend.