Interest in Jewish Baseball Cards Still Strong

Now in its seventh year, the Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card set continues to attract fans, especially with the current population of top level players

It began back in 2003 and turned into a big hit.

The original Jewish Major Leaguers baseball cards, created by a non-profit group, is sold out of its 15,000 set run and is considered a collectors item. Featuring some of the game’s all-time great Jewish players like Sandy Koufax and Hank Greenberg, subsequent "update" and "themed" sets have pushed the total number of issues to six.

This year’s set is called "Record Setters" and includes a number of firsts achieved by Jewish players as well as a growing roster of current players who share the faith. Fans and collectors have gravitated toward stars like Ryan Braun, Ian Kinsler and Kevin Youkilis, whose cards are sprinkled throughout the set, which continues to be a not-for-proft venture.

The set’s creator, Martin Abramowitz, a Boston-based collector of modern and vintage baseball cards, talked with the Jewish Ledger.