Insuring Your Collection

If the monetary value of your baseball cards or Super Bowl ticket stubs means something to you, you might consider examining whether your current insurance policy is enough.

We’ve seen nature throw its best at some sections of the country this year.

Tornadoes and floods are not friends of sports cards, which tend to react adversely to 170 mile per hour winds or millions of gallons of water dropped on them. Some people have lost their collections to the weather while others had thieves swipe items right off their show table. Fires, too, have burned up valuable items.

Most of us carry insurance to protect what we own if we’re unlucky enough to fall victim to such things. But if you aren’t sure whether that policy will protect those vintage card sets sitting on the shelf, you might want to do a little research.

It’s a topic we’ve addressed before, but one worth revisiting.

"Updating the value of your collectibles is essential," one underwriter tells the Wall Street Journal.