Industry Summit Attendance Grows

More than 250 industry professionals will attend the 2011 Industry Summit, an increase of more than 25 percent over last year’s inaugural event, according to organizers.

Orleans HotelScheduled for Las Vegas later this month, 2011 Industry Summit will include representatives of more than 105 independent sports, gaming and entertainment collectible stores. 

“Our primary mission is driving sales and profit at the hobby level,” said host Kevin Isaacson.  “And I am certain this year’s Summit will help move our business forward.”

Wholesale distributors across the country helped some shop owners attend by awarding “scholarships” and promising promotion for their retailers.

The NHLPA is giving autographed pucks to store owners to use as giveaways in their shops.

As they did in 2010, representatives from the NHLPA and other major sports-properties licensors are again scheduled to take part in industry forums and panel discussions which kick off Monday, March 23.