“I Sold it on eBay….and You’re Paying to Ship it”

Making a few cents on shipping is one way to recoup those pesky eBay fees that allow you to sell your unwanted stuff around the world for a buck or two.

It’s a common practice.  In fact, most buyers expect the shipper is covering his cost in that fashion.

The real temptation?  Having access to the shipping books at work.

Edward Catalano and George Maggio Jr.Police investigators say a couple of New Yorkers who worked for the Bethpage School District apparently thought they had a pretty nice deal going.  Sell on eBay just charge it as a business expense.

No one apparently caught on for awhile, but when you’ve shipped over sixteen hundred items…well, it’s bound to get noticed eventually.

Edward Catalano and George Maggio Jr. were arrested Thursday morning.

Here’s the story.