I Now Pronounce You the Future Mr. and Mrs. Topps

Grand Central Terminal in New York was a wacky place to be on Valentine’s Day.  There were baseball cards.  Guys dressed in tuxedos.  A giant ball pit.  An audience.  Cameras.  And somewhere, a $10,000 diamond ring.

Topps Diamond AnniversaryTopps held its 60th anniversary Diamond Dig Monday, bringing ten bachelors and their girlfriends in for a special contest.  They had submitted the winning videos to be eligible for the treasure hunt in the ball pit.

Buried somewhere in the pit was a squishy apple that held the ring.  Find it and one of your big wedding expenses was taken care of.

The girlfriends were there to cheer the guys on.

Surrounding the pit was a display of Topps’ 60th anniversary cards, which just hit store shelves this month.  The whole thing, of course, is to generate a public relations buzz for this year’s cards.

When it was over, a guy named Stanley Brode was the winner.  Judging by the video, it didn’t take long.  But the Topps couple seems happy: