Hunting Hank Greenberg

The general opinion may be that folks younger than 30 aren’t much interested in vintage baseball cards anymore but that would be a generalization.  There are guys like Cam Perron, who specializes in the Negro Leagues and Asher, a young man we introduced you to last year.  And there’s Brian Roth, Hank Greenberg 1941 Play Ball carda recent college grad who works in New York City.

Several years ago, he decided to collect Hank Greenberg, a player with whom he felt a connection.  Since starting his journey about five years ago, Roth has accumulated dozens of Greenberg cards and autographs, a pretty fair accomplishment considering they aren’t cheap.  Greenberg is a popular Hall of Famer who was among the best players of the pre-War era.

Jewish Daily Forward Photo

Jewish Daily Forward Photo

“A lot of people don’t know that Greenberg was successful as a manager and an executive. He was friends with Jackie Robinson and helped him integrate into the majors,” Roth told the Jewish Daily Forward. “So when I was looking for a player to build my collection around, it was an easy choice.”

Writer Jordan Teicher followed Roth around the recent White Plains, NY show for this story.