Howard’s Finals Shoes Will Be Sold

If Thursday night’s opener is any indication, it could be a short series–which means a very limited run for the signed Finals shoes Dwight Howard has promised.

Dwight Howard TS Commander LT Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard switched to a new, lighter Adidas shoe for the 2009 NBA Finals.

His TS Commander LT models are gray with blue trim and said to be six ounces lighter than the pair he wore during the regular season.

They didn’t do him much good in game one. Howard was bottled up by the Lakers defense, scoring just 12 points.

Howard announced before the Finals that he would wear a fresh pair of the shoes for each game, autograph them and turn them over to NBA Auctions. The bidding for his first pair runs through June 20th. Bidding starts at $1012, an ode to Howard’s #12 uniform.

Proceeds will benefit a charity that Howard says he’ll designate after the conclusion of the Finals.

Still betting on Orlando after a 100-75 thrashing? Consider this: Phil Jackson is 43-0 when his teams win game one of a playoff series.

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