How to Milk eBay for More Customers

 If all you’re doing is listing items on eBay, you’re not taking advantage of what the on-line auction giant can do for you. And it doesn’t cost a dime.

by James Penn

Imagine if you could make just a few cents from each of your auction visitors on complete auto-pilot. With the vast amount of traffic eBay gets and therefore your eBay auctions, it could add up to a considerable income.

Let’s say you run 20 auctions every single week. Each auction receives 100 views. That’s 2000 auction visitors every single week. Now, what if you could make just a nickel on average from each of those auction visitors..even if they weren’t the winning bidder? Business would be good wouldn’t it? You would be making an extra $100 in auction profits every single week on top of your current auction sales.

Here’s how you can generate the $0.05 from that auction traffic.

The most important part of this system involves setting up a highly profitable eBay About Me page. On your page you should include a link to your sites, a link to relevant affiliate products and – most importantly – an opt in form so that your auction visitors can sign up for your newsletter.

By getting this traffic on your newsletter, you can consistently market to them and consistently make sales from them. In the long run this income will really add up and you could easily earn more than a nickel per auction visitor. You could earn a few dollars from each one!

With your About Me page set up, people may visit your website and buy your products or click on an Google ad. Others may visit your affiliate links, make a purchase and give you a commission, and as explained above, they may sign up for your lists, generating sales.

You do need to get people to your About Me page first. You can do this by sticking a link in your eBay auctions. Insert something such as:

"For a free catalog, please visit my About Me page".

This way people will have a reason to go to your page. Implement this system into your business and see if you experience the same success that I have. Continue to tweak your page by rotating the affiliate products and this will give you more chance to make a commission.