How to Get eBay Cash Back

If you’re shopping for sports cards or sports memorabilia on eBay, why not get some cash back so you have more money to spend next time?

There are a couple of promotions out there that will easily help you get eBay cash back. There’s no real catch. You just have to sign up and follow the rules, which aren’t difficult at all.

The first one is directly through eBay itself. It’s something we introduced you to several months ago but it’s still going strong and works really well. It’s called eBay Bucks. The program records 2% of any eBay purchase you make and at the end of a certain time frame, eBay will send you that amount. For $1,000 in purchases, you get $20 back. Not bad if you’re buying vintage cards, high-end modern cards, wax cases or anything else.

The other option is through This one works for eBay as well as dozens of other merchants, so if you do online shopping of any kind, it’s really exceptional. You just have to enter those sites through and you’ll earn cash back. You also earn money for referring it to others. You get referral fees each time someone you refer utilizes Big Crumbs–forever. Just don’t turn into Joe Spammer.

I’m a big fan of cash back programs on credit cards and these types of programs. Most are very easy to work with if you’re a responsible buyer. I get 5% back for putting a certain kind of gas in my tank. 3% on another card for the three merchant categories in which I spend the most each month. Airline miles for staying in hotels, taking plane trips and signing up for their rewards credit cards.

Just about anything has an incentive program. Signing up for them doesn’t cost anything and puts money in your pocket that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Nothing wrong with that. Why should the other guy keep all the cash?