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House Arrest for $300,000 Fraud Case

The owner of a sports memorabilia business avoided jail despite taking customers across North America on a $300,000 fraud ride.

The owner of the now-defunct Crazy Canuck Ltd. was sentenced to five months of house arrest and two years of probation for selling items on eBay, but not delivering.

Jason Bobbitt, formerly of Fredericton, New Brunswick but now living on the opposite coast of Canada, took over $300,000 in payments for sports cards and memorabilia from buyers all over North America. Business was good enough to open two storefronts but that's apparently when everything went south.

Not having been in trouble before and making an attempt to pay his customers back was apparently enough for prosecutors to agree to the plea deal. The Daily Gleaner says he's also being forced to pay back what he owes.



  1. Can anyone help me find out if it’s too late to get involved in the “forced to pay back what he owes” part of this story? For years I was an extremely active eBay buyer of vintage sports cards, until Jason Bobbitt (Crazy Canuck) took me for a huge amount of money several years ago. After fighting with him for 2 years I gave up. I should have stuck with it and used better legal means. Foolish. Anyway, anyone have any advice as to whether it’s too late to try to get him to pay me back? Thanks, – Bill ([email protected])

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