Hounding the Heisman Winner

Earlier this month the University of Florida told fans not to bother sending things for Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow to sign. What’s his take on all this and just how far will some people go to get a 20 year-old kid’s autograph?

He was never just an ordinary college quarterback, but winning the Heisman Trophy has turned Florida quarterback Tim Tebow into a magnet for autograph hounds. Nice guy that he is, Tebow finds it hard to say no.

Dealers see him as a good investment–even now. To Gator fans, he’s Adonis in cleats. Put them together and you have a crush of fans creating issues for the University.

The Gators’ NCAA championship run in basketball last March was a good drill for officials at the school.

"The NCAA Tournament was like a mini-bowl situation every time," said University rep Tim Howard. "The biggest thing we learned was the amount of people who wanted autographs and the steps they would take to get them. We had people trying to sneak into hotel rooms, sneak onto the bus. We had guys camped out in the players’ dorm waiting for them to come back. You had to just go, ‘Come on.’ "

The Palm Beach Post digs further into Tebow-mania.

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