What’s Hot in the Shop: Panini Shows Other Hobby Shop Promotions Who Their Daddy Is

by Mike Fruitman

We are a few days past the 2012 Panini’s Father’s Day promotion and if you did not know it before, it is now crystal clear that this hobby loves free packs!  They REALLY love free packs that are loaded with autographed and relic cards from the biggest players in MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.  It’s certainly what was hot in my shop.

Following in the success of Panini’s Black Friday event, my store enjoyed triple our normal weekend sales totals and we are still reaping the benefits from this promotion. Even though we are past Father’s Day, we are still fielding calls from customers who are trying to find remaining packs before they completely dry up.

At least in Denver, it did not hurt that people could pull the first ever Panini cards of Peyton Manning in a Bronco uniform.  Other highlights included the first Panini cards of 2012 NFL rookies including Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

The secondary market also seems to be embracing the exclusive singles, as shown by an Andrew Luck autographed NFL shield card that closed at $643.00.

This Cam Newton autographed patch moved for a very respectable $190.

At least one collector is hoping that Linsanity will return as evidenced by this 1/1 autographed Jeremy Lin Past & Present pack  priced as a robust $1999.99.

Another currently listed gem is a 1/1 Kobe Bryant autograph with a buy it now of $750.00.  It’s already had several offers below that mark.

One of the best pulls from my store has made its way onto the bay.  You can take home this 1/1 Josh Hamilton Season Ticket auto for a mere $200.00.  It, too, is getting offers.

Our most ironic moment of the weekend was an easy one when we had a Big Papi autographed card come out of one of our Father’s Day packs.

Panini did an incredible job leading up to the weekend by showcasing some of the incredible pulls through their blog.  Clearly, they did a great job promoting this event since many of my customers were coming in and asking if specific cards had been pulled.

It was encouraging to see how many shop regulars made it a point to stop in and even cooler to get to meet so many new collectors that had never been in before.  We added over a dozen email addresses to our list and perhaps most exciting was to see a great number of fathers who came in with their children.

While I did not have people camped out like Green Day concert tickets were going on sale, my store enjoyed incredibly steady business throughout the weekend.  There might have been a half hour total between the two days when someone was not in here either busting Panini wax, or the bonus packs they received.  Some of my customers wished it was November already since some were already getting questions regarding Black Friday 2012 and I have to say that I could not agree more.

Mike Fruitman owns Mike’s Stadium Sportscards in Aurora, Colo.  You can read his column here every week, focusing on what products are selling best in hobby shops. Enjoy new arrivals and big hits from Mike’s on Twitter.  Mike’s is always looking for more friends on Facebook  and you can email him at  [email protected]


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