What’s Hot in the Shop: Ginter Just Latest in Strong Year for Baseball Cards

by Mike Fruitman

When I was getting ready to write this weeks “What’s Hot” piece, I was ready to wax poetic about the brand new Topps Allen & Ginter.  It only makes sense, since when it arrived it seems to be as well received as it always is.

Collectors are once again fascinated by the rip cards of guys like Koufax and other greats, autographs from champions like Roger Federer, DNA cards of John F. Kennedy, relic cards fSandy Koufax 2012 Allen Ginter rip cardrom the world famous Balloon Boy (side note: I provided the material for the Balloon Boy card and if you got one, I hope I did not ruin your box busting experience) and others.

While my shop is moving loads of it to satisfied customers, placing the new Ginter release on the shelf made me stop to appreciate that almost all of 2012 MLB releases have been running hot.  This year’s baseball offerings like Topps Tribute, Museum, Tier One, Gypsy Queen and Archives have led to stores bringing them in again and again for their hungry customers.

If I had a dime for each time my store restocked a 2012 Topps product I could not quite cover an evening at The Palm, but I could at least swing an appetizer.  Ok, well a soda at The Palm.  Wait, a soda there is HOW MUCH?

What this hobby is seeing in 2012 is something that we have not enjoyed since 2001 when everyone was talking about Albert Pujols and Ichiro.  Young stars drive product and the current rosters are full of amazing talent.

As a shop owner, it is sad that we had to wait a decade, but it just makes us appreciate an exciting rookie crop all the more.  This year’s football has the potential to be off the charts with recognizable names like Luck and RGIII, we are already seeing people line up for anything with their cards inside.  Exciting rookies like Yu Darvish and some guy named Harper have made collectors approach MLB releases like they do in most NFL seasons.

All of this is making MLB fans drool like Pavlov’s dog about upcoming releases like Bowman Platinum, Topps Chrome, Topps Triple Threads and anything else with the above mentioned rookies along with autographs of Sandy Koufax, Ken Griffey JR and Willie Mays.

With 2012 Bowman Platinum baseball not hitting until July 25, it will be no surprise to see Allen & Ginter remain at the top of the hobby shop hot list.

Mike Fruitman owns Mike’s Stadium Sportscards in Aurora, Colo.  You can read his column here every week, focusing on what products are selling best in hobby shops. Enjoy new arrivals and big hits from Mike’s on Twitter.  Mike’s is always looking for more friends on Facebook  and you can email him at  [email protected]