Hot Ligety Dog: Ted’s Golden Autograph is eBay Card of the Day

Sometimes our pre-Olympic television ads do not quite work out the way we would all to see. Do you remember the Dan and Dave ads from more than two decades ago? Well when Dan O’Brien failed to clear his pole vault height, he ended up not going to the Olympics in 1992. Fortunately, he did bounce back to earn a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in the decathlon.

This year before the Olympics in Russia, JC Penney had some fun playing with the lyrics to Blackstreet’s 1990’s single “No Diggity” which it turned into “Go Ligety” in honor of Ted Ligety, one of America’s leading skiers as well as a 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist.

The good news is unlike the Dan and Dave saga, Ligety did follow in the path of previous gold medal winners with his incredible giant slalom performance on Wednesday Autographed Ted Ligety cardand will go down in history as the first American male to win two Olympic gold medals in alpine skiing.

A few months before Sochi, Topps issued a Winter Olympic trading card product. When we reviewed the release our comment was the best time to sell these cards is either during the Games or right after a great performance.  Ligety is part of the set and did sign cards for Topps as well.  True to form, the card we were planning to feature as our eBay sponsored Card of the Day was sold for $40 during the TV broadcast of Ligety’s run.  Ah, but we found this Bronze Parallel auto that’s up for bid and closing tonight.

If someone scoops up this one, there are other Topps Ligety cards available including some relics here.

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