Hoop Star’s Memorabilia Sold from Storage

Some of it isn’t exactly Hall of Fame worthy, but a retired oil field worker is enjoying the spoils of a little-publicized auction of memorabilia belonging to a former Olympian and WNBA star.

Unless you happened to live near Lubbock, Texas–or had a memory solid enough to recall the original story from 2006– you may not have heard about Sheryl Swoopes and the storage unit full of stuff.

Swoopes, one of the best women’s college basketball players of all-time, a former Olympian and WNBA champion, left plenty of personal belongings and some basketball memorabilia behind in Texas. When she failed to pay the rent for several months, the owner of the storage unit did what he does to any other deadbeat.

He tried to sell the contents.

The auction was delayed for nearly two years, but finally happened this week.

It was a strictly local affair and the winner was a guy who’s already been making flea market reservations and writing eBay auction descriptions.

And if you happened to write Ms. Swoopes a fan letter, we know where it is thanks to the Associated Press.

You can also watch the story courtesy of KCBD-TV: