Hoop Dreams: Lakers Collection Spans History

Most pro sports teams would love to have the type of exhibits and artifacts that reside in David Kohler’s house.

From George Mikan to Wilt Chamberlain. Magic Johnson to Kobe Bryant. The history of the Lakers franchise cuts a big path across the NBA landscape. The club has an all-time roster heavy on Hall of Famers and a record of success that means they’ve got plenty of fans.

David Kohler was lucky enough to grow up in southern California watching them all in person. He’s been a sports collector and dealer for a long time, but the Lakers are a passion for the guy who now runs SCP Auctions.

This isn’t just a few boxes of cards and a jersey or two. Kohler’s collection includes important relics ranging from Kareem’s goggles to Wilt’s giant shoes. From historic to quirky, it’s all there.

In time for opening week of the 2009-10 season, ESPN.com stopped by to bear witness to the purple and gold palace with a story and photo gallery.