Holyfield Suing to Stop Sale of Some Items from Auction

Bids are already coming in for items from the Evander Holyfield collection being sold by Julien’s Auctions but the boxing great isn’t quite so sure he wants to sell all of them.

Holyfield filed a lawsuit Thursday to try and halt the auction of 20 of the nearly 450 items that are in the company’s catalog.  He claims those items were never supposed to be sold but the auction company says Holyfield signed off on the deal.  The auction is set to close November 30.

An Olympic bronze medal won in 1984, Olympic robes, the gloves he used in one of his fights with Mike Tyson, certain championship belts and a ‘Father of the Year’ award are the items in dispute.  The medal, however, was on display at this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention and has been among the items touted by the company in the weeks leading up to the sale.  Julien’s has worked for months to organize the auction, even hosting a 50th birthday party at its southern California offices where the memorabilia was on display as guests mingled about.

Holyfield has been forced to sell his memorabilia because of foreclosure proceedings on his Georgia home.

According to the Associated Press, Holyfield was given an advance of hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pay his bills once the contract to sell the items was signed.  He claims he was distracted while the items were being boxed up and sorted and didn’t realize some of them were going to be included.

His attorneys claim blocking the sale of the 20 items would only result in a loss of revenue.

“If, on the other hand, Holyfield is forced to sell those few items of personal property that have the very most sentimental value to him as he looks back over his career, and which he wants to pass down to future generations of his family, the hardship is overwhelming and irreparable,” the lawsuit states.

The auction includes the gloves Holyfield was wearing in the more famous Tyson fight, in which Tyson bit off a chunk of his ear.  Other robes, trunks, rings and fight-used memorabilia are up for grabs as well.