Holy Grails of Baseball Memorabilia

Some phenomenal pieces of baseball memorabilia have emerged from America’s closets over the last few decades.   T206 Wagner cards.  Babe Ruth minor league cards.  Papers from some of the earliest games ever played.   The whereabouts of others, though, remain a mystery.

Babe Ruth with the Red SoxStrange as it may seem in an era when virtually every moment is not only documented, but authenticated, there are a lot of historic items that were either never preserved or have been lost to the ravages of time.

What items would set the memorabilia market on fire if they somehow turned up?

A Babe Ruth Red Sox jersey and Bobby Thomson’s ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ home run ball are on the list…but what else?

Forbes.com brought together a few dealers to discuss their picks.  They’ve got the story and a photo gallery.