Hockey Canada Wants its Memorabilia Back

The upcoming auction of items from the valuable collection of former NHLPA boss Alan Eagleson has Canada’s national hockey organization a bit steamed.

You may have read here last week about the group of one-of-a-kind items consigned to Montreal-based Classic Auctions.

They belonged to Alan Eagleson, once one of the most powerful men in Canadian sports, but later convicted of embezzling money from the player’s fund and leaving Bobby Orr virtually bankrupt at the end of his career.

The hockey memorabilia auction includes items obtained while Eagleston was with Hockey Canada and now the non-profit national entity says it plans to write the auction company in hopes of stopping the sale.

Calgary Flames assistant coach Brian Skrudland, who was cut from the 1991 Canada Cup squad, was startled to find his game-worn Team Canada No. 52 jersey available for $250..

"I know that I never gave a jersey to Eagleson," Skrudland said.

He added that he’d much rather see the proceeds go to the players who sacrificed their time for free for Team Canada.

"The bottom line is that, knowing what’s happened to some of them, I’d love to see a little green go into the jeans of the guys who gave up their sweat and effort for the country," Skrudland said.

Bruce Dowbiggin of CanWest News Service has the full story.

Watch the story via CTV.