Hobby Room is Nice…If You Build a Moat

Love your hobby room–and defend it with your life.

"Man Caves" is a phrase I’m hearing a lot this year.

Supposedly the trendy thing is for guys to build their own sports-themed room, whether it’s full of sports memorabilia and baseball cards or just a lot of beer and big screen TV.

Of course, those of us who fancy ourselves as pretty dedicated collectors know all about those rooms. We’ve lived in man caves since..well…man really did live in caves. The lucky ones have their own hangout where cool display pieces hang on the wall and shelves are lined with albums full of vintage cards.

I’ve had my own ‘man cave’ for about 11 years now and it’s nice.

Nice and dusty.

I won’t tell you how long it’s been since the place was cleaned but some of my cards are being obscured by layers of stuff that’s not supposed to be there. But men don’t care. I’ve got card sets, display pieces, a closet big enough to stack old programs and yearbooks. A love seat for sitting and loving my cards. I call it the Hall of Fame. And, of course, it’s my office too. Or was.

It seems my wife decided she needed her own woman cave. A room that will house her craft projects and be disgustingly clean all the time. There is only one problem. While work crews were putting the new shelving, giant work counter and drawers, everything that had been stored in there had to come out. Guess where it went? Into the man cave. WEEKS ago.

She just hasn’t gotten around to getting her room ready. So I can’t access half of my stuff. The open, roomy center I created by doing some reorganizing about a year and a half ago is gone, replaced by stacks of craft stuff, pillows and a lot of other heavy stuff I had to help move.

That’s right.

I helped desecrate my own shrine/office/sanctuary.

And now we’ve got the rest of the place torn up for new flooring, which we can’t afford. Somehow I don’t think I’ll ever see my 1969 Topps set again.

Ben Henry, one of the ‘godfathers’ of the baseball card blog genre, is now trading away his collection of over 150,000 cards. He’s issued an open invitation to make a one-sided deal with him.