Hobby News and Notes from the Editor’s Blog

Upper Deck is promising to hold products for as long as it can to cut back on the number of redemption cards.  Collectors hate them and often accused the company of not being as responsive as they should when redemptions would go unfulfilled for months–even years at times.  They aren’t alone, though.  Waiting on players to sign cards has caused nightmares for other manufacturers too.  Hence, the large number of redemption cards pulled from packs over the last 15-20 years.  Collectors would much rather have product in hand.

Now, Upper Deck says it’s World of Sports product and its 2011-12 NHL Series Two are redemption-free.  That’s good news for collectors.

The company is also hoping to score with its College Legends football issue, with some big name signers on cards featuring them in their collegiate uniforms.  It’s still carrying a “2011” issue date, and has been delayed according to the company, so they can keep the auto redemptions to a minimum.  At left is a sneak peek of the Steve Young card from the upcoming set.

2011 Upper Deck College Legends will have three autograph cards on average in every box which will include the likes of former players of the year Archie Griffin, George Rodgers, Tim Brown, Earl Campbell, Tony Dorsett, Eddie George, Cam Newton, Ron Dayne, Andre Ware, Jim Plunkett and more.


The season’s first basketball card product is about to hit the market.  You can thank the lockout for that, but sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Collectors seem to be anxious to rip into something different.  At least there’s no excuse for not having players who were traded or free agents in the off-season in their updated uniforms.  2011-12 Hoops is first out of the blocks.  Two bucks for a hobby pack; $1 at the retail level.

Here’s a look at the revival of a brand that debuted back in 1989-90:

The jersey worn by Steve Nash during this year’s opening night game just sold at auction via NBA/Meigray for $5020.  The Christmas Day jersey donned by Derek Rose sold for $5,320.


The 2012 Industry Summit will deliver the largest number of brick-and-mortar store owners to attend an industry trade event.

More than 180 retailers – representing 141 brick-and-mortar stores — have registered for the March 18-21 event in Las Vegas, making the 2012 Summit the largest-ever gathering of brick-and-mortar store owners who specialize in sports collectibles, sports and entertainment trading cards and trading card games.

“Incredible response, and definitely a great growth opportunity for everyone in our business,’’ noted Summit host Kevin Isaacson.

Sports Collectors Daily will be there too.   The plan is to dish out some news and information before, during and after.  More details forthcoming.