Historic Joe Louis Gloves Off the Market

Joe Louis boxing gloves from 1936 fight with Max Schmeling will be donated to Smithsonian Sports memorabilia auction companies would have loved to sell them. Big time boxing collectors would have loved to own them. But Joe Louis’ gloves from the first fight with Max Schmeling are headed elsewhere….after four calls to other potential homes went unreturned.

It wasn’t the fight American boxing fans love to talk about. This one happened before Joe Louis knocked Max Schmeling out in the first round and dealt a bigger blow to Nazi Germany pride.

This was the first bout, when the raw young American boxer lost to the German champ. Louis’ gloves from that 1936 fight wound up with a family involved in..well, let’s just say a ‘sideline’ business. The original owners have passed on and their descendants have decided they belong where everyone can see them.